Our labs are located at the Irchel Campus in building 32 on the E floor. We have four modern and spacious research laboratories equipped for synthetic organic chemistry and chemical biology. We also have several specialised laboratories and analytical facilities. A full list of our specialised labs and equipment can be found below.

    Specialised laboratories and facilities

    • Cyanobacterial culture lab
    • Large scale fermentation facility
    • Dark room
    • Clean bench
    • Tissue culture lab
    • Giftgaslabor for toxic chemicals and gasses

    Experimental equipment

    • Preparative HPLC (Shimadzu LC20-AP)
    • Large and Small Gloveboxes (Simens Braun)
    • Solvent purification system 
    • Water purification system (MilliQ)
    • Lyophiliser (Christ Alpha 2-4 LDplus)
    • Ozone generator
    • Peptide synthesiser (CS bio)
    • Microwave reactor (Biotage Initiator+)
    • High volume centrifuge
    • Cryogenic storage facility 
    • Gel electrophoresis
    • PCR machine
    • CO2 incubator
    • Thermo shakers

    Analytical equipment

    • UPLC-MS (Thermo Dionex Ultimate 3000 + TSQ Quantum Ultra)
    • GCMS (Thermo-Finegan Trace GC ultra + Trace DSQ)
    • Analytical HPLC (Agilent 1100, with UV or ELSD detector)
    • UV-vis spectrometer (Shimadzu UV 1800)
    • Polarimiter (Jasco P-2000)
    • FT-IR spectrometer (Perkin Elmer Spectrum 2)
    • Micro plate reader (BioTek Synergy H1)
    • Optical microscope


    Analytical HPLC

    Gel electrophoresis

    Cyanobacterial culture

    Peptide synthesiser


    Microplate reader

    Preparative HPLC


    Solvent drying system



    Large glovebox