We investigate the molecules of nature

Nature produces a huge array of unique chemical substances, so-called natural products. These molecules are produced by many organisms including bacteria, fungi and plants, and have been evolutionarily optimized over time for roles such as signalling and defence. Understanding the role of natural products provides important information about biological systems as well as a means to control them. Natural products chemistry has had a great influence on our society with many contemporary drugs, vitamins, dyes, flavors and fragrances being natural products or derivatives.

We obtain natural products, either through extraction from the natural source or by chemical synthesis. The resulting substances are then investigated in the context of their chemical, ecological and therapeutic properties. Our research combines the synthesis of natural and non-natural compounds with biological assessment to answer questions about structure, function, biosynthesis and mechanism of action. We also work at the interface of chemistry and chemical biology to study novel forms of chemical reactivity. 

Our main research themes are Total Synthesis, Isolation and CharacterisationFunctional Optimisation and Surface Engineering

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